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DXT 53k

General characteristics

Following the set off, you run through the S.SEBASTIANO – TAMER mountain group, moving on towards the Duran pass (km 17 - refreshment – 1605 m), where one of the most colossal rocky sequences starts that develops northwards with the MOIAZZA and CIVETTA.
Here, the terrain alternates between wide glacial circles and "solitary furrowed fields". It is incredibly solemn and extremely exiting to run through the gigantic base of the “Grande Civetta” until the Coldai Hut (km 27,5 – refreshment – 2135 m).
You then run at the foot of the isolated yet grandiose Mount PELMO, a mountain that polarises your vision, a mountain considered to be amongst the most fascinating and unique of the Dolomites with the Staulanza Hut (km 37 – refreshment – 1766 m).
Finally, after Tamai pass (km 43,5 – refreshment – 1715 m), the trail reaches the spectacular panoramic point of the Monte PUNTA (km 47 – 1952 m). Southwards from here you will be able to admire the BOSCO NERO and SPIZ di MEZZODI’, that complete the coronation of the valley.

START: 10th June 2017, 05.30 a.m. from Forno di Zoldo
FINISH: STOP 10th June 2017, 06.30 p.m. Time limit 13 hours

REFRESHMENTS: liquids 1 – liquids/solid 5 = TOTAL 6
SERVICES INCLUDED finisher prize shoes "endurance trail" Haglofs GRAM AM II GT - t shirt DXT- pasta party – photo service online - finisher technical shirt at a reduced price - electronic timing -security measures - technical / sanitary / medical assistance along the route - 6 Refreshments - 2 intermediate times – showers and physiotherapy at arrival - SMS service - shuttle service - organizational contribution.
ENTRY FEE: 53k- € 79,00 from 28.11.2016 to 31.12.2016 - € 89,00 from 01.01.2017 to 31.03.2017-€99,00 from 01.04.2017 to 31.05.2017
MANDATORY EQUIPMENT: According to article 9 in the race regulations
UTMB POINTS: Finishers receive 2 (4 points new scale ITRA) Qualification Points for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 2017

Ratings 53k

overall ranking 53k

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ranking male 53k

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ranking female 53k

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Path 53k

gps path 53k

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resting spots 53k

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Program 2017

Five days of pure extreme sport surrounded by nature.

program 2017

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Ciamber -Forno di Zoldo

  • 09:30am Collective training (Natural walk of Fagarè - about 1,15 hour, info DXT Center).

Pieve -Forno di Zoldo, (Finish area – DXT Center)

  • 02:00pm - 07:30pm Race number assignment and check of equipment required.
    For DXT 103k and 53k: finisher prize/ Haglofs shoes testing.

Pieve -Forno di Zoldo, (Finish area – DXT Center)

  • 9:00am - 12:00am / 02:00pm - 10:00pm Race number assignment and check of equipment required.
    For DXT 103k and 53k: finisher prize/ Haglofs shoes testing.

Pecol – Zoldo Alto – Piazzale Seggiovie

  • 05:00pm Collective training (The headwaters of the Maè creek - about 1 hour, info DXT Center)

Dont - Forno di Zoldo

  • 08:00pm Cinema theater - Sports video evening– open to all - free entry.

Pieve - Forno di Zoldo, (Finish area - DXTCenter)

  • For DXT 103k and 53k (until 08:00pm): finisher prize/ Haglofs shoes testing. 09:00am - 12:00am / 02:00pm - 10:00pm Race number assignment and check of equipment required.
  • For DXT 53k: check of equipment required, finisher prize/ Haglofs shoes testing. 09:00am - 12:00am / 02:00pm - 10:00pm Race number assignment.

Pieve -Forno di Zoldo, (Finish area – DXT Center)

  • 05:00pm - 06:00pm CONFERENCE
  • 06:00pm - 06:15pm PRESS CONFERENCE, meeting with athletes.
  • 06:15pm - 06:30pm TECHNICAL BRIEFING.
  • 01:00pm- 09:30pm Pre-race dinner and typical products tasting, musical entertainment.

Forno di Zoldo (Parking area – start area)

  • 08:00pm - 10:15pm Bag storage DXT 103k.
  • 10:20pm Briefing on the starting line.
  • 22:30pm START DXT 103k

Forno di Zoldo (Parking area – start area)

  • 04:00am - 06:00am Bag storage 53k e 23k.

Forno di Zoldo (Start Area)

  • 04:50am Meeting on the starting line, electronic control at the start 53k.
  • 05:20am Briefing on the starting line.
  • 05:30am START OF THE DXT 53k.
  • 05:35am Boarding on organization`s bus for 23k partecipants.
  • 06:00am Bus departure to Passo Staulanza.
  • 06:30am Meeting on the starting line Passo Staulanza, electronic control at the start.
  • 07:00am START OF THE DXT 20k from Passo Staulanza.

Ciamber - Forno di Zoldo

  • 08:30am - 11:00am Guided walking tour along the Nature Path Fagarè, for carers and family members of the runners, free participation.

Pieve - Forno di Zoldo (Finish area - DXT Center)

  • 09:15am First arrivals DXT 23k.
  • 10:30am START MICRO DXT, for all boys and girls from 6 to 14 years (About 1 km).
  • 11:00am First arrivals DXT 103k.
  • 12:00am First arrivals DXT 53k.
  • From 12:00am Opening Pasta Party and local dishes "waiting for the athletes" continued service until 02.30 of Sunday 12 - musical entertainment - OPEN TO ALL.
  • 06:00pm Award Ceremony 23k.
  • 07:00pm Award Ceremony 103k and 53k.
  • 07:00pm Musical entertainment and continues the typical dinner - OPEN TO ALL.

Pieve - Forno di Zoldo, (Finish area – DXT Center)

  • 00:00am - 02:30am LAST ARRIVALS 103k

WINDOWS ON THE RUN: to watch the passage of the runners

DXT 103k

  • 1. Malga Pramper (shuttle bus) - km 16 from 00.30am to 02.30am.
  • 2. Passo Duran - km 28 from 02.00am to 06.30am.
  • 3. Passo Staulanza - km 52 from 03.00am to 12.30am.
  • 4. Zoppè di Cadore - km 64 from 04.00am to 04.00pm .
  • 5. Passo Cibina - km 82 from 07.30am to 09.30pm .
  • 6. Cimber - km 101 from 10.30am of Saturday to 02.00am of Sunday .

DXT 53k

  • 1. Pralongo - 3km from 05.50am to 06.30am.
  • 2. Passo Duran - 14km from 06.50am to 08.15am.
  • 3. Pecol - 26km dalle from 8.30am to 01.30pm(only in the case of passage on Variant 3 of the route).
  • 4. Passo Staulanza - 37km from 9.45am to 02.30pm (time barriers).
  • 5. Casal - 51km from 11.30am to 6.00pm .

DXT 20k

  • 1. Passo Staulanza - 4km from 07.30am to 08.30am.

Event rules

Details of the official rules of the race.

rules 2017

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liability of responsability

medical certificate

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Atletica Zoldo – ASD based in Forno di Zoldo (BL), via Roma 26, has organized the fourth edition of the high mountain Trail Running long-distance race called Dolomiti Extreme Trail to be held on Saturday 10 June 2017. A partly self-sufficient race on an alpine track environment, the DXT has offers three routes:
  • 23k – distance 23k with D+1000 m e D-930m
  • 53k - distance 53k with D+3800 m e D-3710m
  • 103k – distance1033k with D+7150 m e D-7060m
each race must be completed within the specified time limits. An eco-compatible race which uses and adapts only existing facilities in the valley with no environmental impact.
Entering the Dolomiti Extreme Trail means accepting this Regulation in its entirety and without exceptions on behalf of the competitors. On enrolment, each contestant agrees to comply with these regulations and releases the organizers from any civil o criminal responsibility or liability for any incident or accident, for direct or indirect damage to persons or things that may occur during and after the event. Dolomiti Extreme Trail will be held in accordance with this Regulation, any changes and notices will be published on the website.
A running race in a natural environment and in high mountains of with about 3800m of elevation gain and about 3710m of a elevation loss, winding through high mountain paths and trails, through snowfields, exposed ledges and rocky sections sometimes equipped with ropes, starting for 53K and 103K from Forno di Zoldo, from Staulanza Pass for 23K and finishing in the locality of Pieve; maximum time:
  • 23k – 4 hours (indicative time, not compulsory)
  • 53k - 13 hours
  • 103k – 28 hours
The competition is open to everyone, men and women, aged 18 and over on the date of the race. In order to take part, the athletes should have had previous experience in the mountains, must not suffer from vertigo, should have a high standard of athletic preparation, a real ability to be autonomous in order to be able to manage problems created from this type of activity and race, and wear suitable clothes for temperatures that can range from -5 to + 30 degrees.
Athletes must be food and water self-sufficient. However, refreshment pointed are positioned along the route providing liquids and solids. Plastic cups will not be available for drinking at the refreshment points. Competitors must be in possession of a cup or other container suitable for personal use. Each runner must ensure that they carry the minimum amount of water expected as compulsory equipment on departure from each refreshment point. Personal assistance is prohibited. It is forbidden to be accompanied on the route by another person who is not duly enrolled.
Entry will open on Saturday, November 28, 2015 and will close on reaching the predetermined number of participants or within May 31, 2016. Entries must be made online with payment by bank transfer or by credit card by filling in the form on the website Over 18 athletes must provide a medical certificate for sporting activities, valid on the date of the race and recognized by the country of residence, irrespective of whether they belong to sports clubs or federations. A copy of a valid medical certificate and a signed DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY previously downloaded from the website must be submitted when the race number bibs are handed out. In the event that the registered competitor does not provide the aforementioned documents at race number handed out, the bib can not be handed out, and the competitor will not be able to take part in the race, without the right to any registration fee refund. To register for the 103K, you must have acquired at least 2 points of the qualifying race from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2015. The Races List utilised is that used for the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (refer to the following link: The Organising Team may ask to refer to the curriculum of athletes that have run races that may be compared to those indicated on the list and that have sent an email to asking for such within the date of the start of the registrations. It is sufficient to indicate one qualifying race.
Registrations at the start of the race are not accepted.
Fixed numbers per route are as follows:
  • 23k – 350 registrations
  • 53k - 500 registrations
  • 103k – 350 registrations

should there be a higher request than the number of places available, a waiting list shall be created and any possible increase or decrease of the maximum number of participants will be at the sole discretion of the organisation.
The registration fee is as follows:
  • 103k – € 129,00 from 28.11.2015 to 31.12.2015 - € 143,00 from 01.01.2016 to 31.03.2016 - € 155,00 from 01.04.2016 to 31.05.2016
  • 53k - € 79,00 from 28.11.2015 to 31.12.2015 - € 89,00 from 01.01.2016 to 31.03.2016-€99,00 from 01.04.2016 to 31.05.2016
  • 23k – € 29,00 from 28.11.2015 to 31.12.2015 - € 35,00 from 01.01.2015 to 31.05.2016-€39,00 from 01.04.2016 to 31.05.2016

The enrolment fee includes all services described in these regulations:
  • Race number bib,
  • Microchip ( a charge of euro 50,00 will be made to those that do not return the chip),
  • showers and refreshments on arrival,
  • pasta party (a ticket will be provided that will allow for entry to the party),
  • physio support,
  • technical, medical and health support throughout the race,
  • refreshments during the race (see art 5 self-sufficiency), 103K n. 17 – 53K n.6 – 23K n.2
  • return transport in case of withdrawal,
  • race event permissions,
  • photos (available online)
  • t-shirt with DXT logo
  • at departure with bus service for 23K.

The 53K and 103K "trail endurance" HAGLOFS GRAM AM II GT shoes "FINISHER" prize will be given to the participants who complete the race or reach at least Passo Staulanza, time barrier, to the Km 37 (electric point of checking) irrespective of the time. A ticket will be provided in order to pick up the prize at the end of the race.

Scarpa premio finisher

In no case shall the registration fee be refunded. Cancellation clause: participants can subscribe to a cancellation clause, paying additional 10 € at the registration. This clause allows the reimbursement of the registration fee if the participant cannot attend the race for the following reasons:
  • accidents, acute diseases or death of the participant;
  • acute diseases which needs hospitalisation, death of spouse or close relatives during thirty days before the race;

In case of accidents or acute diseases of the runner, it is necessary to provide a medical certificate with doctor's signature and professional stamp. Any other reason of cancellation must be justified by a signed certificate with the stamp of the relevant authorities. The reimbursement requests must be delivered with the related certificate no later than 10 days after the race (20 of June 2017). A change of registration for a shorter distance is possible in exceptional circumstances and must be communicated by 31 may 2016. The change of registration will require a 10 euro surcharge for administrative costs. The difference in the registration fees will not be reimbursed. The registered athletes that wish to transfer their registration to another person must send the request by 31 may 2016. The athlete making the request will be charged the 10 euro administration fee.
On registration, each athlete underwrites the commitment to carry all the mandatory equipment listed below throughout the race, if not he/she will be disqualified. The equipment required will be checked when the race number is handed out, staff will ask athletes their shoe sizes (for a correct assignment of the Finisher prize), further checks may be carried out at the start and at random locations along the route.
backpack or fanny pack X X X
water bottles or other containers with minimum 1.0 litre of water X X X
energy bars or solid food X X X
survival blanket/heatsheet X X X
whistle X X X
adhesive elastic band suitable for a bandage X X X
waterproof jacket designed to withstand bad conditions at high altitude X X X
pants or race leggings (at least knee length), worn on or in the backpack X X X
long sleeve top, worn on or in the backpack X X X
cap or bandana X X X
personal cup or other suitable container for drinking at the refreshment points (the water bottle is valid if the cap is large enough) X X X
Mobile phone (enter the Organising Team rescue number, do not mask the number and do not forget to start with a fully charged battery). X X X
2 frontal lights with spare batteries X
Red light (flashing) – to be placed on the back of the athlete, switched on during night time X

Recommended equipment:
  • road book
  • gloves
  • warm clothes indispensable in case of predicted cold weather.
Competitors wishing to use walking poles must keep them with him for the duration of the race.
Race number bib and mandatory equipment checking procedure shall take place at the race arrival zone (DXT Centre). The Parking Zone is by the Ice Rink, adjacent to the start of the race in Forno di Zoldo (see DXT race logistics). Each race number bib shall be handed out individually to each runner on presentation of valid photo identification, a copy of a medical certificate and a signed DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY. The race number must be worn on the chest or the stomach and be visible in its entirety for the full duration of the race. It should therefore be positioned over any clothing and in no case attached elsewhere. Before the start each racer must pass through the entrance gates to the enclosed starting area to be registered. Between a checkpoint and the finish the runner must ensure that they were properly registered. The punching of the bib is indispensable as the comparison between the two successive checkpoints ensures that there are no missing competitors. In the case of failure to register the passage and the subsequent search for a racer, any costs arising will be charged to the participant himself. The race number acts as a pass required to access the shuttles, buses, refreshing areas, showers, to pick up athlete’s bags. A further ticket will be provided for the pasta party. For the 53k and the 103K a further ticket will be provided to collect the finisher prize on arrival.
Bags containing change of clothes can be deposited when picking up the race number bib in Pieve before the start of the race at the former Ice Rink (parking area for the race) or in starting point area. Each competitor will hand over the change of clothes marked with ones race number, which will be transported by the Organising Team in the arrival area. It is advised not to leave fragile or valuable items in the bag. Bags with objects attached externally to it will not be transported. The Organising Team does not accept any responsibility for items lost or damaged during transport. 103k when picking up the bib, all athletes will be given a bag for a change of clothes to be used at c. the 50th Km. These bags may be collected when picking up the bib or in the starting zone from 19 to 22 on Friday 09 June 2017. We advise not to place valuable objects in the bags. The Organising Team is not responsible for any theft, losses or damages to the bags or their contents. Only bags provided by the Organising Team will be taken to the 50th Km. The bags left at the 50th km can be picked at the arrival zone no later than 12:00 Sunday 11 June, on presentation of the running bib. The Orgainising Team will not send unpicked up bags to any address. For hygiene reasons, unpicked up bags will be destroyed after the pick up deadline.
A rescue callout station will be located at the most significant points as identified by the Organising Team and in any case at the refreshment stations. Ambulances, civil protection members and medical staff will be present on route. A team of physiotherapists will be present at the finish area. The rescue callout stations are intended to provide assistance to all persons in danger using the Organising Team’s means or through affiliated Organising Teams. The official medical staff is authorized to suspend the contestants judged unfit to continue the race. Rescuers are allowed to evacuate with all the means at their convenience runners judged in danger. If necessary, and in the interests of the person rescued, solely at the discretion of the Organising Team, the official alpine rescue service shall be called, who will take over the direction of operations and put in place all appropriate means, including the helicopter service. Any costs arising from use of these exceptional service will be borne by the rescued person in accordance with regulations. A racer, who appeals to a doctor or a rescuer, submits himself to his/her authority and undertakes to comply with his/her decisions.
Recording of competitors, both with chips or by manual check is carried out at the rescue or refreshment stations. Only the runners carrying a well visible race number can access refreshment stations. The route map will be published on the website highlighting the refreshment and rescue stations. Random checkpoints will be located in other sites outside the refreshment and rescue stations. Their location shall not be communicated by the Organising Team.
The maximum time allowed to reach the finish line is fixed at
  • 23k – 4 hours (indicative time, not compulsory)
  • 53k – 13 hours
  • 103k – 28 hours

The cut-off time for departure (time barriers) from the main checkpoints will be defined and described on the route map. These barriers are calculated to allow participants to reach the finish line in the maximum time imposed; however, making any necessary stops (rest, meals,). In order to continue the event, competitors must leave the checkpoint before the cut-off time set. Otherwise they will be disqualified, and their race number will be withdrawn. The competitor wishing to continue without a race number, out of the race, will assume all responsibility for the consequences that might derive. In case of bad weather conditions and/or for security reasons, the Organising Team reserves the right to change the route or the cut-off times, terminate the race in progress, delaying the start. For the 53k race, the ALTERNATIVE ROUTE in the event of adverse conditions on the “Tivan path” will be Km. 52,700 D + 3.690m. and D-3605, with the VARIANT 1 (see map); the VARIANT 1, 2 and 4 will be decided by the Race Direction (see Article 17).

Cartina dxt 2016

In case of withdrawal from the race along the route, the competitor is obliged, when possible, to go to the nearest checkpoint and communicate and record their withdrawal to the race commissioner. The competitor must hand in his microchip and the Organising Team will be responsible for taking him/her back to the finish area. In case of failure to notify a withdrawal and the subsequent search for a racer, any costs arising will be charged to the participant himself. (n.b. euro 50,00 will be charged to those who do not hand in the microchip)
Controllers on route are authorised to check the mandatory equipment, and in general, the monitor the respect of the entire regulation. All competitors found not in possession of even a single element of the mandatory equipment will be immediately disqualified, without any possibility to appeal for this penalty. Infringements also noticed by the Organising Team through video images after the race, may result in disqualification. The directors of the race may disqualify a competitor in the event of a major violation of the Regulation, in particular: - race number bib worn in a non-conforming manner:
  • exchange of race numbers bibs,
  • failure to pass a checkpoint,
  • absence in part or of all the mandatory equipment,
  • using transport during the race,
  • departure from a checkpoint after the cut-off time
  • doping or refusal to submit to a doping control
  • failing to aid another competitor in the event of difficulty,
  • the use of personal assistance outside the points allowed,
  • abandonment of their equipment along the route
  • failure to comply with the ban to be accompanied on the route,
  • abandoning rubbish along the race route,
  • pollution or degradation by a competitor or a member of his staff,
  • insults, rudeness or threats towards organisation members or volunteers
  • refusal to be examined by a doctor of the organization at any time of the race.
Respect yourself: no cheating neither before, nor during the race;
Respect other athletes; provide support to another athletes in trouble.
Respect volunteers: volunteers participate also for the pleasure of being present.
The Organising Team reserves the right to modify at any time the route or positioning of the rescue and refreshment points, without notice. In the event of adverse weather conditions (fog, blizzards, storms), and such as to endanger the safety of the competitors, the start of the race may be postponed or cancelled. The route may be changed and reduced, or the race may be stopped at any point on the track. Race competitors shall not be entitled to any entry fee refund in the case of suspension or cancellation of the race.
The Dolomiti Extreme Trail races 53k & 103K have been classified as: EE itinerary for experienced hikers. These are routes that requires the ability to move on special terrain, inaccessible or treacherous tracks and trails (slopes with rocky outcrops or rubble), with exposed areas and/or protected by fixed ropes. Competitors must strictly adhere to the marked race course by not taking shortcuts or cutting parts of the route. Aside from resulting in disqualification on arrival, departing from the official route shall be at the sole risk and danger of the competitor. The topographic map of the route, in its latest edition, published on the website, will show practical information such as checkpoint closing times and the route description and competitors are advised to carry a copy during the race.
The organizers subscribe liability insurance for the duration of the race. Participation is under the full responsibility of the competitors, who renounce all recourse against the organizers in case of damage and further consequences arising after the race. At the time of the race number bib handout the racer must sign a waiver of release of responsibility. Every competitor must have an injuries insurance cover. Such policy must include all costs incurred in any recovery operation, in particular, recovery with helicopter assistance.
Only competitors who reach the finish line in Pieve di Forno di Zoldo and get recorded on arrival will be included in the ranking. There will be no cash prizes, but prizes for all the "finishers" (art.7). There will be general overall ranking and a general men and women ranking.
For the 53k and the 103k races: prizes will be awarded to the first ten male and female competitors.
For the 23k: prizes will be awarded to the first five male and female competitors overall.
Prizes for all races and rankings must be collected personally by the winners during the award ceremony.
Prizes not collected during the ceremony will be annulled.

NOTE: the first five athletes in each race can not pass the finish line pairs
Each participant waives the rights to own their image during the event, as well as waives all recourse against the Organising Team and its partners for the use of his/her image.
The voluntary enrolment and subsequent participation in the race indicate the full acceptance of these rules and any changes made. By enrolling, the participant releases the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for personal injury and / or damage caused by himself or indirectly.
The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of the runners to respect nature and the environment. For this reason, the Regulation of DXT includes:

  • Remember before departure that no waste material should be left on the path
  • prepare several garbage containers near the refreshment
  • avoid as much as possible the use of plastic cups, encouraging the use of its glass
  • disqualify those who throw garbage on the ground on the path
The campaign, 'I do not throw my trash' is promoted by the magazine Spirit Trail (