05, 06, 07, 08 JUNE 2025.

103K - 72K - 55K - 22K - 11K
Dolomiti extreme trail 2025
Dolomiti Extreme Trail 2025 - Saucony

The “Dolomiti Extreme Trail”, or DXT for short, saw its first edition in 2013 and has come a long way since then!
It has become one of the most popular competitions in Italy of its kind, for its organization, hospitality and the charm of its courses.

Today the "Dolomiti Extreme Trail" boasts six races: ranging from the spearhead - the 103k, which will lead you to the discovery of all the mountains that crown the Val di Zoldo; to the equally captivating 72k, 55k, 22k, 11k; to the Mini DXT for young runners.

Val di Zoldo, which has remained untouched by mass tourism, has preserved the untamed allure of the mountains and their ancient paths, thus offering a "pure" trail through uncontaminated woods, incomparable rock formations and vast scree, along paths that will lead you to cross small streams, jump roots and climb steep slopes, entranced by the majesty of some of the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites declared a UNESCO world Heritage Site.

In the village of Forno, a particular atmosphere envelopes you, centered around the services provided by DXT Village and the event’s starting and finishing points. You will experience the authentic warmth of a community gathered around the athletes. Thanks to over 300 local volunteers, this event, now international, retains its Ecotrail spirit, a value deeply cherished by the organization.

Dolomiti Extreme Trail: more than a race against time, it is a journey into oneself.

We would like to remind you that the 103k, 72k, 55k and 22k races are qualifying UTMB Mont-Blanc events and part of the ITRA National League.
Additionally, they participate in the
Europe Trail Cup championship, offering prize money to the top three female and male winners in two categories: TRAIL, which includes the DXT 22k and 55k races, and ULTRA, encompassing the DXT 72k and 103k.

An exciting prize awaits the winners of the 103k race, as it will take them to the Andes cordillera. DXT is part of the Project Peak and our sponsor Saucony is providing a complete package for participation in the Saucony El Cruce, 100 kilometers race divided into three stages between Argentina and Chile.

The crown of the twelve peaks of Quebec and the southern group of the Dolomites come together to offer a unique experience to the winner of the DXT 72K and the Bromont Ultra 160K. Karpos offers the winner of the two competitions one of challengers proposed by the overseas partner. So, those who cross the finish line first in the DXT 72K can fly to Canada in October and compete in one of the five challenges offered by the most important ultra event in French Canada: 160K, 80K, 55K, 25K and 12K and the Dolomiti Extreme Trail will welcome the winners of the Bromont Ultra 160K.

We are a proud member of Europe Trail Cup!

In the heart of Europe, where the mountains whisper tales of adventure, the Europe Trail Cup emerges and unifies the spirit of trail-running enthusiasts across Poland,

Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia, Serbia, and Macedonia.

Born from a shared love for the untamed beauty of Europe’s diverse landscapes,

Europe Trail Cup is more than a series of events; it’s a journey that unites trail

enthusiasts in a mix of culture, camaraderie, and competition.

Each race in our series paints a unique picture, from the majestic peaks of the Pieniny,

Julian Alps, and Dolomite mountains to the sun-drenched trails in the Balkan, welcoming runners to immerse themselves in the excitement of discovery and connection.

Lace up, embrace the challenge, and let the adventure begin! 

Accetta la sfida e lascia che l'avventura abbia inizio!

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Finisher prize DXT 103K, 72K, 55K by Karpos

Dolomiti Extreme Trail celebrates the Val di Zoldo and the southern massifs of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites. You will be the protagonist of this extreme journey, where beauty and the severity of the rocks go hand in hand.

The finisher prize of the 11th DXT developed by Karpos for athletes of the 103K, 72K and 55K will be an everlasting reminder of this journey. It is a 3-in-1 short that combines boxer shorts, overpants and a waistband with one pocket. An extremely lightweight garment that will accompany you on summer and mid-season outings. So that you can wear it, taking a small part of the Dolomites with you everywhere.

Finisher prize 103k 72k 55k

Finisher prize DXT 22K e 11k

All athletes who complete 22K and 11K races will be awarded with the convenient backpack that will accompany you during your training sessions, in the color that characterizes the race you have completed: green for the 22K and orange for 11K. With a capacity of 20 liters and a practical double bottle holder, it will allow you to carry everything you need with you

Finisher prize 22k 11k